October 25, 2018
Prieur Leary

Cybersecurity is a seemingly never-ending quest to keep up with the myriad tools and methods hackers use to defeat security and attempt to gain control of information in an IT system. That may be why cybersecurity is very important for Prieur Leary, and not just because all information technology (IT) specialists had better be diligent about it to keep their jobs. The weakness in many IT systems is the users, meaning the humans, and not so much the devices and hardware, which means that quest is unlikely to end soon.

That is why which is why Prieur Leary’s efforts at securing IT will always be appreciated, if only to salvage the technology for the future and keep it open, as it was meant to be. Because he works a lot as a financial advisor, Prieur Leary knows well that any sort of breach in the information technology space he controls could end up costing his financial services clients a lot of money. Since his mission in the financial industry is to increase his clients’ wealth, not keeping information secure would go against that purpose.